Monday, 30 January 2012

Insure to list of Top Five Most Expensive Cars

5. Mercedes Benz G-Class
The G-Class from Mercedes Benz is a magnificent luxury vehicle, and among the largest on this list. Insurance for it will run you about $2,088 yearly, so make sure you can pay not only your car recompense but also your car insurance premium!

4. Ford Shelby GT500
This racy high presentation vehicle is not only hot, but also high…high to insure. Its standard annual insurance cost is $2,186.

3. BMW M6
The M5’s big brother ranks even higher on this list, with car insurance costs consecutively on average $2,236 a year. For that style and class, you’ll pay for it.

2. Dodge Viper
The Dodge Viper may be stealthy, but it can’t get around paying higher car assurance rates. At $2,446 annually, the Viper is quite an asset.

1. Nissan GT-R
Drumroll please! We have reached the top of our list with the most expensive car to insure in 2009! Amazingly it comes from Nissan. Nissan’s GT-R has more horsepower than you know what to do with, so think twice earlier than buying it unless you can knob the power and the car insurance bill. It costs $2,533 annually to insure.

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