Friday, 6 May 2011

Advantages of Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport happens in containers that are completely enclosed and locked down. There are no more than 2 or 3 cars per truckload. There is no exposure to the elements. Enclosed carriers cost more. They tend to me more expensive (75-100%) than a traditional open transporter, mainly because they aren't in high demand and the cost of operating an enclosed transporter is much more expensive. Some enclosed carriers offer a cloth overcoat to be placed on the vehicle, protecting it even further from dust, dirt, and anything unsavory that may or may not be in the container.

If your car is a high end sports car, a fully restored classic car or a vehicle that would lose considerable value from a rock chip or minor damage of the sort, you should consider transporting it on an enclosed car trailer. Enclosed auto trailers ensure that your vehicle is well cared for throughout its entire shipment, and will arrive at its destination in the same condition it left your home or car dealership. When you ship your classic car, exotic car or any other expensive car it would be better if you choose enclosed auto transport. Enclosed driver's price per vehicle based on miles driven; the more miles traveled the cheaper per mile.

Enclosed car transport is one of the safest methods to transport your vehicle. Your car can be reached to your destination or terminal. In Terminal Based shipping you have Multiple Terminals, Multiple Trucks, 3 TO 4 times longer in transit, Insurance not included, Insurance deductibles, Deposits, Contracts and Cancellation fees. In door to door shipping one truck, one driver, 1-3 business day pickups, Insurance included, No deductibles, No deposits, No contracts, No cancellation fees, and Customer centric service.

If you go with enclosed shipping, your car is completely enclosed within a locked-down trailer, usually sharing space with no more than 3 other vehicles. Moreover, the trailer is equipped with an automatic loading gate, thus reducing the risk of damage to your car when it is loaded and unloaded. Other considerations are the minimization of weather and road conditions damage and the expediency of pickup and delivery.

Auto Transport Company will pick up your vehicle at a place convenient to you, and transport the vehicle to your desired location, saving your vehicle from the wear and tear of added miles. Auto transport companies offer both private and commercial services, and all types of vehicles including oversized automobiles, trucks, RV's, military vehicles, SUV's, hot rods, motorcycles, even exotic car transport to name a few.

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